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Vertueux Works was founded as a start-up in 2014. We are young craftsmen in the design scene, grown as professionals.

We envision, design, and engineer iconic products that connect to customers on a functional and emotional level.

We are a group of designers, creative professionals, health professionals, innovators and start-uppers. We are entering an age where everything is set to sync, communicate and collaborate with the entire world around us.

Vertueux Works represents select high-end luxury brands with re-defined retailing with innovative strategies that transcend borders. We understand the growing affluent Indian consumer market by all its dimensions.

Vertueux Works is the exclusive all India distributor partner of TTI GmbH TGU Napshell, Stuttgart. Napshell is a luxury furniture brand with a particular focus on technically inspired products. The brand was founded in 2004 by Markus Abele, and since then its products have stood for functional, timeless and purist design.


Napshell is the leading manufactory of purist design of high-tech relaxation furniture in the luxury segment based in Stuttgart, Germany. The company serves all around the globe. Napshell manufactures only hand-made beds, made in Germany. With a little luck you will see the exclusive product in cities such as Munich, New York, Moscow, Zurich, Dubai, New Delhi, Toronto.

From Alpenresort into the desert, from the bustling urban metropolis to the most remote hideaway. Who actually has the good fortune to be in a Napshell, quickly noticed that there is something else besides a perfect ergonomics at work: an equally strong idea. Life in the rhythm of nature and not the timing of the machine.

Developing a fascinating deck in combination to the timeless design, modern technology and a healthy lifestyle and by hand-made special manufacturing for highly personalized customer - is their trademark. That's the lifeblood that goes into each Napshell.

The two founders Markus Abele and Nicloas Reber are committed since 2004 to provide the relaxed living to all its customers worldwide.

Vertueux Works, headquartered in New Delhi is the exclusive distributor partner of Napshell for all sales in India. For any enquiries based in India & Asia, please email at : info


The Napshell’s concept is both simple and ingenious: it is a pleasing space to recharge – providing an effective and innovative way of relaxing and rejuvenating in today’s competitive and result’s-oriented world. It can be individually equipped with extra modules such as light systems, comfort mattresses and Dolby Surround Sound systems with headphones and massage systems.

It is distinguished by a unique revolutionary design, aesthetically pleasing shape and modern sleek lines to be able to adept and complement any environment. The slight arch in the middle of the ergonomically shaped pod positions the legs above your upper body level slightly showing your heart rate for optimal napping.

The pod is used all over the world to characterize different types of decoration and architecture varying from high end residential (i.e. private villas, penthouses, lofts), commercial environments (hotels & resorts), corporate offices, health sector (health spas & hospital lounges), transportation sector (airport lounges, train/bus station lounges) to sports sector (stadiums, sporting facility providers).


The technology behind the design will let your senses astonished within a theatre of emotions, being surrounded by pure high quality sounds and images, challenging your senses and making your life experience more authentic.

Napshell brings a cultural revolution in the luxurious furniture industry, changing the relationship with technology in the interiors. Napshell is much more than a sleeping pod with an integrated entertainment system. It implements a fully developed, state-of-the-art automation system. Leveraging the immense choices of sensors and devices that are already available or will be introduced in the future, Napshell becomes a fully customizable platform, with potential for further innovation that goes beyond the wildest imagination.


The exquisite Napshell, brainchild of German creativity (encapsulates German design, luxury and precision), is all about experience.

We are entering an age where everything is set to sync, communicate and collaborate with the entire world around us. You may have the feeling to be in the cabin of the most desired and sophisticated airlines, flying through your dream and passions, without moving, enjoying this experience in the privacy and warmth of your bedroom. While enjoying the comfort of your bed, redefine ‘relaxation’.

Get lost and indulge in unique experiences, you will also have a wonderful sleep, awakening renewed to start your day again.

Napshell 360°

A new form of well-being, more rested, healthier, happier!

"What's that?" - Is perhaps the first but not the essential question. Because the Napshell is not an ordinary recliner chairs. Therefore, you should ask rather: "What can the Napshell do for me?". Our answer: Simply everything! Because it is a tailored relaxation and a health concept - with more room for the essentials: your well-being.

It is the challenge of finding a balance between functionality, desire and spirit and the ambition to give the substance of this idea a completed form, which we drives to create a perfect and multifunctional relaxation couch: She's calming influence, energy activator, spa treatment and health concept, a new interpretation of furniture segment luxury - timeless, flexible and elegant integrated. At the same time we understand the human being as the main focus of this idea. Let's give all these arguments the same room for development, so the result is the Napshell: A holistic relaxation concept, which rotates in form and content in 360° around you - a plea against the status quo of the fast pace

Napshell | space for peace, space for relaxation, space for you


The essence of Napshell is simple and ingenious: it is a space for rest, a pleasant and shapely recovery principle in an aligned to productivity, performance-oriented society. The Napshell bridges the needs of people for quality of life, well-being and health in a single idea - it is a place of balance between efficiency and humanity, between functionality and design. One instruction for them does not exist: Pure Place and relax! Because the Napshell is an interval of calm and to-yourself-coming that pushes in the stressful and noisy everyday spatially and mentally. It is a time-space for a relaxing break!

+ Space

The Napshell is a space because it reinvents by a 360 ° -Wirkungskreis form and experience - an idea that gives the Napshell their distinctive shape. Gentle excite the senses like touch, sight, hearing and the supplementary comfort in the "resting position" make Napshell a unique and efficient 360 ° Entspannungsraum which she wraps while space allows to breathe. Wellness, sound, relax and lounge chairs are in their essence from combines function in the unique Napshell architecture as an effective regeneration concept, in the center, you "are". Because the Napshell defined in form and content according their personal needs. It is not only multi-functional, but also in any environment can be used.

360° REST ROOM | Vital, Powerful, Creative

A new form of well-being, more rested, healthier, happier!

If there was a formula for less absenteeism, healthier and more satisfied employees, we have it for you! The Napshell - an energy-activating relaxation room with the governing principle of action: In the rest is the force! And the rest is in the Napshell, because man regenerates best at a strategic short sleep - the power nap.

Are there side effects associated with Napshell application? - Yes! Healthier, more creativity, efficiency and employee satisfaction. Because peace opens new ways of thinking. And new thought patterns give space for the activation of new resources - for your company and your employees.

High time for a new "map" - to think differently about time!

Napshell: A space for a rethink - a space which connects

Forward-thinking companies

Proportioning thinking means new ways of doing things. And new paths also means that the direction and to determine new speed. The Napshell as haven and alternative to the age of acceleration is understood not simply as a "mental pit stop", but rather as a new living and working design. The forward-looking Napshell principle, in which the human being as is recognized the essence, reflects the new trend of rethinking again: A pleasant working environment, salaried oriented health management and fixed rest periods form the basis for productive, creative and satisfied employees, providing direction for an innovative company , Napshell stands for maximum relaxation and health prevention - the perfect work-life balance with minimum space and time in the form of an expansion space, which can easily be integrated into all the rooms. It provides companies and employees the same room for the activation of new resources - and leaves no room for illness-related production outages or by stress caused burnout.

+ Room for motivated employees

Large or small? The Benefits of Greater reflected in the era of open-plan offices again: More space for togetherness, more space for collective power and collective cohesion. The Napshell as the smallest rest and relaxation space does not as a counter-model, but as a complementary approach. Integrated into a separate rest room it maximizes employee productivity and at the same time the personal needs after a regenerating respite needs. Headache, back pain and lack of concentration are the result of periods of work while sitting, hours of computer work and wasted time breaks. The Napshell as rest room allows effective improvement through diverse effects of 360°.

Napping- also Powernapping called a regenerative power naps with a maximum duration of 20-30 minutes, the fits easily into a prescribed pause time. The short relaxation sleep affects the biologically determined "lunch Deep" opposite and improved more than any other method of relaxation concentration and performance.

A look at the color changing light sky relaxes by the claimed VDU eye muscles.

The shape of Napshell surrounds the people and acts as a safe haven - an important psychological aspect, which accelerates the relaxation.

The Napshell provides optimal, the spine and muscles relaxing deck area, which is based on latest scientific findings of ergonomics research.

Since mental and physical recreation are interdependent, the listening experience can initiate and support a relaxation phase faster. Sounds help relieve stress and automatically ensure a relaxation of the entire body musculature.

Easy maintenance, easy handling: The lying surface can be hygienically with little effort to keep clean. Teflon glides allow easy displacement of Napshell.

Peace generates relaxation and relaxation helps internal energy resources to activate and enhance the ability to concentrate. The front of the Powernapping information recorded can be better internalized and in the short-sleep phase stored, initiates new potential for creativity and ideas werden- learn while you sleep!

Can relax on "button" to be learned! Who regularly in Napshell comes to rest, internalized the positive experience of relaxation and can it already when entering the Napshell "call" - we call this efficient rest!

A motivated employee is valuable. Why the calculation comes up with Napshell? Because Napshell in their function, the mirror image of a "healthy" company is: Employee satisfaction is a barometer of the performance and productivity. And the Napshell as a relaxation room embodies innovative health management that puts your employees in top form - the ideal basis for a "healthy working environment" and increased motivation. The Napshell principle opens up new business spaces for thought: The costs with more efficient staff reduced and personnel failures are degraded by burnout. A healthy and motivated workforce increases customer satisfaction and improves competitiveness, because a positive corporate image is made up of employees at its best produce.

And the benefits for your employees? The Napshell as rest room opens through targeted Powernapping and efficient relaxation breaks new creative and Energy Facilities and ensures a perfect work-life balance.

The Balance:

The Napshell gives companies more room for increasing productivity and innovative health management a new shape. This brings all in a promising position, because they are employees and the company the freedom to unfold - a forward-looking corporate strategy.

Peace + Space = Napshell


360° WELLNESS ROOM | Luxurious, Pleasurable, Relaxed

Relax in luxury, forget about everyday life, indulge the senses - sounds like vacation and spa! But it is the experienced space a Napshell, in the enjoying a guest at the center "is". The Napshell than perfect wellness lounger is not only design and relaxation room in perfect harmony, it also connects the complete rest as the main trait of your spa with the essential details: a room of well-being, in the echo of the spa use and the full deployment can come , The Napshell is a sense space. A wellness room in the spa room - for deep relaxation only beginning to relax.

Napshell - A room for a sea of relaxation

The translation of the wellness concept is "well-being". The Napshell can, however, not simply transferred to another word - rather in an image: it is a shell, a wellness area, stylishly naturally - as it is the natural need justice, to retire to a room to relax. It is a luxury recliner chairs because it is private spa room: A light sky for the personal horizons of relaxation, an ergonomically perfected lying surface, the body heat in an ideal way stores and a sound system for custom dream symphonies perfectly harmonizing with the form and style. The Napshell is an ocean of balance for body and mind - a harmony for the soul.

A Napshell application has many relaxation effects:

The Napshell embodies the instinctive need for a "for-itself" in its 360 ° shape - it is protective relaxation room and an ideal haven. After massages, beauty treatments and saunas, provide the recreation room to develop and activate the deep relaxation.

By teflon glides Napshell is easy to position - as Napshell 360 ° One also in the outdoor area by the pool.

The Napshell is ideal for a relaxing sleep, like a small acts makeover from the inside. Because cell renewal runs in his sleep at full speed.

The ergonomically perfected lying surface, designed according to the latest scientific findings of ergonomics research, relaxes your spine and muscles.

Music is an own Entspannungskur. Soothing sounds deepen soothing mood and support the recovery phase. Through the use of headphones Napshell is ideal for relaxation areas.

The integrated color program has a harmonizing effect. Promote colors or calm the mood and intensify the relaxing atmosphere.

Napshell combines highest comfort, best material quality and perfect design in a single application - the hochklassigste form of relaxation.

+ Luxurious Spa Concept

Having time is a luxury. And luxury is that time of relaxation to enjoy. Therefore combines the Napshell a desire for pleasure and well-being in their shape which reflects holistic recovery approach your spa area in itself: It sets the accent not only on a further relaxation, but also gives the "Greater Spa" in their own Napshell-Wellness-dimensional shape, exclusive design and structure - it has potential to differentiate. The Napshell is relaxation room, relaxing place and relaxing treatment simultaneously -a perfect Wellness couch in minimalist design, which blend harmoniously as a Napshell arrangement integrated into any wellness landscape leaves - both indoors and outdoors. This luxurious and stylish line of wellness and functionality formed precious moments and the satisfaction of its guests: from a "I had some time to myself" is "I have enjoyed my time to the fullest." This is luxury - which is Napshell.

= Perfect 360 ° Wellness

The Napshell a wellness room and your spa with its relaxation treatments are a perfect complementary recovery method that your Sparessort perfectly shaped design. With saunas, massages and beauty treatments Wellness begins. And the ideal Lounger is where there has where the application stopped: You can relax body, mind and soul and brings with its numerous beneficial effects, the recovery effect optimally for development - that's relaxation depth. The Napshell as holistic relaxation concept, in combination with your spa wellness in its most effective form - that is, "Enjoy with style".


360° SPACE FOR FREEDOM | Open, Relaxed, Imaginative

A twelve hour flight, poorly located, barely slept, the same we continue - now relax in private and first-class atmosphere. Rushed all day from meeting to meeting, constantly on the go, always on the phone - now Feierabend, put your feet up, turn off the stylish ambience. Welcome to the Napshell lounge! Our relaxation concept provides countless opportunities to create new rest rooms, wherever they are needed. As Lounger can they be flexible in cafes, bars and lounges integrate to the stresses and organized to give life a relaxed form. We will give you more room for inspiration and their guests new relaxation rooms - in short: Innovative clearances your setup and to make business ideas. The 360-space has no borders - that's freedom, which is a Napshell lounge.

Space for ‘recreation’

A Napshell is many things: relaxation and rest room, wellness lounger and energy supplier, designer pieces, luxurious furnishings and eye-catching, creative and relaxing room.

The Napshell can Much: It embodies a healthy way of life, it gives room to breathe, feet high set, stylish to enjoy. Inspires, relaxes, refreshed and activated.

A Napshell for Many: For passengers who wants a retreat to relax before flying For the bankers, who wants his lunch break recharge your batteries. For the guest, who in one wants to relax chillout cafe after work. For the traveler, the artist for the creatives for the freethinkers. Anyone who has experienced much want to relax - and Napshell opened it with their relaxation concept the right recreational spaces: As lounge they can be perfectly integrated into existing or to be incurred rooms. So Napshell creates space for new ideas premises.

+ Napshell Lounge

A Napshell opens as lounge model new spaces: As an airport or Wellness Lounge, as Creative Lounge in advertising agency, as relaxation lounge at the booth, as relaxation lounge at the gym or a relaxing lounge in the bar or café - it is a concept with many perspectives innovative relaxation venues. A Napshell is for all who your customers and guests with high quality service , optimal recovery and best wish to offer quality and a lounge Napshell your signature for the most demanding wish to implement spatially. Our relaxation deck gives your ideas with the 360 – space principle, the ideal structure - and the planning team its lounge a perfect shape and spatial unity.

= 360 ° space for clearances

The numerous possibilities of Napshell give you the freedom of your ideas and to customize ideas. The different 360 models to fit each business and business concept to a unique way - for our ensures Team: We accompany them from concept to their lounge to implementation and build your perfect arrangements.

The Napshell lounge offers freedom for your idea spaces - and as Relaxliege more space for the rest of your customers and guests.

Their formula for success:

Space for recreation + Napshell Lounge = 360 ° space for clearances


The Relaxation Room

The starting point of 360° - principle by the space people surrounds. The comprehensive form, an ergonomically perfected lying area and selected materials create a place of comfort and well-being.


Purist, classy, timeless - the perfectly shaped is Napshell 360 ° space.

The silhouette of the perfect sun, in her expression the 360 ° principle: The space encloses the content - you! The substance of the interior - an ergonomically perfected lying surface - designed the unique interior. So you not only relax, but also experience the relaxation!

As the aesthetic symbiosis of expression and content forms the Napshell 360 ° One the consummate relaxation room - a timeless interval of peace.


Inner space



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The Sound Space

A composition of excellent hi-fi sound system with speakers and headphone jack develops a new form of relaxation and intensifies the recovery phase by the special sound experience.


Space to relax, time to relax: The stylish relaxation room of Napshell 360° Harmony is extended by a component - the sound space.

A musical background represents a new form of relaxation: sound images create a soothing atmosphere and support the recovery phase by gentle, emotional audio stimulation. The Napshell 360 ° harmony is a blend of organic design, sophisticated interiors and pleasurable Klangerlebnis- a soothing, musical interval of relaxation.


Inner Space

Audio Room



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The Sound and Light Room

The integriete LED - light sky created a picturesque and soothing color space. Light and color create another dimension to the recovery and support the gentle Redeem and waking.


The perfectly shaped relaxation space of Napshell Space 360° and the sound space of Napshell 360 ° harmony are the relaxation parameters of light and color to complement multisensory recreational space. An integrated LED light sky creates a picturesque color space, the light and Coleurarchitektur opened a new, vertical relaxation horizon and reassured in a gentle way.

The Napshell 360° Sky is the highest form of relaxation: design, comfort, sound and light room arrange a luxurious ambience of tranquility - a 360 ° Entspannungsraum, where you can enjoy reasonable-fully relaxed time.


Inner Space

Audio Room

Color Space



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Your wishes and Space

Welcome to your own Napshell studio! Elegant design, high build quality and unique comfort open your needs new freedoms. You have the ideas and we form the.

The overall aesthetic concept of Napshell 360 series opened your wishes new spaces for personalized management.

You have the ideas - and we form the.

You have the ideas - and we form the.

Design a personal recliner chairs to suit your needs!

With the Napshell 360 ° exclusive signing our relaxation room with your own relaxation style. For true individuality knows no setting.

There are many possibilities in color, finishing, quality audio systems and therapeutic applications.


Contact us at : We will inform you with a non-binding offer.

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Our 360 ° Services for your relaxation concepts.

A Napshell is individual - just as your business concept. A Napshell is flexible - it integrates elegantly into all spaces and fits through their multifunctionality in any corporate strategy. Therefore, we will create for you a customized lounge concept and give your. Individual plans and wishes with Napshell the appropriate shape. This is our 360 ° service for your 360 ° - relaxation room.

60 ° - Prepare

New ideas need a space: We plan your Napshell lounge considering the available land to perfect conceptual framework for ensuring your lounge.

120 ° - Create

Planning of customized room concepts: relaxation rooms for your employees arise under other criteria, such as recreation rooms in the spa or relaxation room in an airport lounge. The Napshell team supports you with our interior designers in setting up your relaxation rooms to the perfect ambience for your Napshell lounge to create from the number of Napshells for a successful health management to the selection of the ideal Napshell interiors for your wellness rooms - we advise you in the concept creation and take care of your planning work, so that you able to implement the project according to your wishes.

180 ° - Deliver

We take care of the on-site supply and installation to the construction and installation of Napshell lounge. Our 24/7 customer service takes care of your lounge, whenever you want it.

240 ° - Introduction

Introductory seminars for rest rooms: Our Powernapping experts offer your employees professional courses for efficient regeneration breaks and additional information as well as employee training for healthy Powernapping.

300 ° - Apply

The lounge is regularly serviced on site by our team and thus remains in the best maintained quality condition. If your needs change we are of course available to the existing concept to adapt to the new conditions. For all other issues, we can be reached at anytime by phone or email.

360 °> Knowledge

Stay updated and informed on the latest scientific developments in the field of Powernapping and sleep medicine. Take advantage of our many years of experience and case studies to develop your customized concept. We are happy to provide comprehensive knowledge aside.


Light, sound & massage controlled via tablet and program


Vibration Massage - 5 phases and zones


Multiple Color Light System

Audio Sound

Dolby Surround Sound System, 2 x HQ speakers (rear), subwoofer

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